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Find verified profiles of talents from Africa’s national teams, academies and clubs, who also meet the academic criteria for eligibility for athlete scholarships to US College

Quality Videos

With our AI-powered footages, We have made it easy and possible for every scouts, coaches and sport administrators to get high-quality soccer recordings that can easily be clipped and exported to create your personal recruiting video..

Detailed and Verified Data

All the information you need can be gathered in a single step. You can compile anything, including player statistics and athletic accomplishments..

Player Analysis

Data-Driven Evaluation of Football Players’ Ability: We provide generic methodology for measuring any footballers’ on-the-ball skill levels and also the physical data succh as: endurance test, vertical jump height, sprint time, etc.

US College Recruitment

We provide you with a pool of talented student-athletes who also meet the academic criteria for selection to US institutions.

An exlusive interview with Lindi Ngwenya, Doeju Goodluck and an athletic scholarship beneficiary: Tomisin.

Up till now it has been hard to find employ objective player evaluation on players due to issues such as lack of video footage, reliable statistics etc. The big change in football that we need to catch up with in Africa is the shift from subjective to objective player evaluation.

Bridging the Gap

Uburu Africa bridges that gap allowing you instant access to the talent through our vast African network which enables us to collect complete game footages of players from club and national team games.

Epicenter of Remarkable Grassroots Abilities!