About Us

Uburu Africa is a college recruitment tool aimed at increasing players’ accessibility to US college recruitment staff..

The digital platform provides a cloud-backed database of players with video footage, statistics and insights.

We are prepared and committed to contribute to the development and growth of African football by providing,
  • A trusted platform to showcase your players
  • Opening out a college pathway for players which will increase various sets of opportunities

There's no gainsaying that Africa is a continent replete with talents. Football being the most popular sport in this continent enjoys a notable appeal among Africans and most people of diverse age categories engage in the sport less professionally for the essential purpose of recreation.

However, while their talents and mental readiness are unquestionable, their dreams suffer from a variety of problems. Significantly, Africa is hugely fraught with structural problems, including a lack of sufficient showcase opportunities, limited finance, and an overcrowded talent pool. As such, most people sway off their sporting dreams for a university education or a vocation.

Nevertheless, young Africans who are exposed to the immense opportunities of the sport are starting to find a balance between actively pursuing education and their football career. Still, their chances of seeing their dreams come to fruition are hamstrung by lack of accessibility and limited knowledge of playing amongst others to be listed below.

Lack of Accessibility.

As noted earlier, most Africans play football for pastime purposes. The few aspiring towards taking the craft professionally suffers from a paucity of platforms to showcase their talents. In other words, a minute number of football academies frequently provides an opportunity for scouting and visibility. Nevertheless, sporting academies cannot be heavily criticized. The financial requirements of football scouting pose a monumental handicap to this reality.

Limited Knowledge of Playing

As much as African young prodigies are talented, they are quite uneducated in some fundamentals of football. Young African players are not exposed to the sophisticated sporting education that their counterparts abroad enjoy. At most, their abilities are inherently raw and crude. Unfortunately, this makes them unappealing to scouts, who are most particular about basic tenets of football doctrines.

Paucity of Data and Evaluation

Another problem for scouts which cut across those working with professional football clubs and also recruiting for schools, like in the case of college coaches in the US who carry out more scouting work on behalf of these institutions, the lack of comprehensive data on players is a big hindrance to them, from the fact that their approach is highly data and stats driven. From a practical example, most African players who attempt playing professionally mostly lack data that showcases their areas of strength. However, in a world increasingly driven by data & insights, these players consequently become unattractive to potential buyers. Also, looking at the number of companies within the college recruitment space, companies in the US top this chart. These companies charge high fees upfront to players and their families for players placement services, and a larger percentage of players do not have the economic means. At UBURU AFRICA, we tend to bridge this gap by purely discriminating on talent rather than economic means.

Overwhelming Number of Potential Players.

With increasing exposure to international football, Africans have started recognizing the sport as a means of beating the odds to be economically independent. Unsurprisingly though, Africa houses a throng of poverty-laden countries. As a result, players of different age groups see football as its sole economic motive, resulting in crowded trials, even when they have limited chances at selection. This is usually a problem for scouts as they have difficulty in selecting the most appropriate player that fits into their profiles.

Our Approach

1 Accesibility

Uburu Africa provides a vast collection of videos of young players that includes detailed insights into their strengths & weaknesses. As scouts, Uburu Africa solves a nagging problem in Africa with its easily accessible players’ videos that are captured in their highest quality with the help of an AI-powered camera. Also, quality and not quantity is our mantra. This signifies we are committed to working with certain categories of players from well-structured academies and football associations. This class of players will definitely match the quality of talents we tend to work with.

2 Data-Driven Player Analytics

Uburu is designed to provide a synopsis of players' profiles with data such as games played, goals scored, etc. Players uploaded on the database are styled with their areas of strength and weakness, making it easier for scouts to choose players that specifically fit into their profiles. Although, we tend to go more into driven analytics as we develop our platform.

3 High-Definition Quality Videos

Videos on the database are available in HD formats. This comes in handy since most reports coming from Africa are usually blurred and scrappy. Coming in contrast, Uburu videos are sparkling opaque, allowing scouts a hitch-free sight into the analysis of players

4 Quality Assured Player Pool

The data on this website is stored on a cloud as the possibility of a wipeout is entirely negligible. We are also liable for data provided by players/academies as they're bound by the data privacy regulations. Note, players must be officially registered with the federation, and reputable football programs e.g partner academies/clubs must be officially registered with the federation, with well-structured football programs or Federation partnerships with U17 & U20 national team program players.

Our Team

Lindi Ngwenya


Lindi Ngwenya is a Co-founder of Uburu Africa and also the founder of Sisu Africa, a subsidiary of Sisu Sports Management which was established in 2013 with a mission to mentor and manages talent from under-served and overlooked areas of the game. Lindi played competitive rugby for over 15 years and this experience gave her a deep understanding of the challenges that many women face trying to build a career in sport. This has seen the company focus on African football, smaller European Leagues and Women's footbal

Doeju Momolu Goodluck


Doeju Momolu Goodluck is a co-founder of Uburu Africa and work in partnership with Sisu Africa an extension of Sisu sports management based in the UK. He is a passionate sport man with great insight and passion to use sports as a tool in uplifting others. Doeju is a sports business researcher and a visionary. He is a value-driven individual. Doeju hail from Liberia. He also holds a degree in Human kinetics from the University of Ibadan Nigeria.

Moses Aweda


Moses is a Nigerian software engineer who specializes in web and mobile applications. He is a proud alumni of Nigeria's premier university, where he majored in Pure and Applied Mathematics. As a visionary technologist, he is driven to find answers to the digital challenges that African businesses face.